For a local gallery called Päper Shøp I got the oppertunity to fill 10 A4 pages that had something to do with Hasselt. The main idea of the gallery is that for 10 weeks the art of the 10 artists, designers, architects,… would be displayed weekly. The “founder” started this idea to engage locals with designers to start thinking about future development of the city.

As someone who isn’t really well known with the city besides the commercial center I took it as an opportunity to explore the city on foot packed with a sketching board and pen. I let myself guide through the city on hunches during the hottest weeks of the years. Then when a place “revealed” itself I just started observing and drawing. Along the way I got to see interesting events unfold and talk to people about all sorts of things.

By just going out there I rediscovered something inside myself that had been gone a long time. A passion to just explore and draw the world which seemed to be something people really liked. With these drawings I hope to inspire others to leave the office or atelier once every while and just go out there and wander.
montage made by "I love Hasselt" of the process.
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